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SLS Energy Solutions delivers custom turnkey solutions for energy-efficient lighting upgrades. With our unmatched expertise and full-service solutions, we are uniquely qualified to manage large projects across North America. We offer a single point of contact to survey existing systems, perform energy audits, design lighting and control system upgrades, integrate with building management systems, complete installations, and optimize rebates.

SLS is committed to helping your business reduce energy and maintenance costs, along with minimizing environmental impact. Offering customizable solutions and a wide selection of products, we bring over 50 years of excellence to the table with outstanding customer ratings.

The SLS Advantage


Regional teams of field engineers, project managers, and support specialists are strategically located close to national partners.


Experience seamless access to sales, technical, and customer service specialists from design to delivery and ongoing support.


A dedicated project manager works closely with your team to ensure smooth and consistent multi-site national rollouts.


Have the flexibility to choose the right mix of energy-efficient lighting products for your application.


Value-added services such as our national rebate team, financial experts, and on-site commissioning ensure maximum savings.


As part of the WESCO Distribution family, SLS has access to global supply chain solutions for MRO, OEM, and capital project requirements.


Whether your application is a simple retrofit or a full facility upgrade with advanced controls, our unmatched expertise and full-service solutions for interior and exterior lighting delivers increased energy efficiency, reduced operating costs, and savings to your bottom line.


Surveys and Audits

We specialize in Investment-Grade Audits that establish a baseline of energy consumption and allow us to create the most energy-efficient design based on your specific needs. The resulting analysis addresses your project in financial terms, while also providing complete technical details.


Systems Design

Our Customer Design Center employs a highly-knowledgeable engineering staff with vast lighting and controls design experience, who provide the fully-realized system design. Their turnkey solutions and proposals include full photometric analysis, 3D rendering, and CAD layouts for reflected ceiling plans.


Lighting Controls

SLS controls engineers conduct full-solution development, design and commissioning of all lighting management and building management systems, as well as any required building integration and electrical evaluation. Their customized operation and reporting strategies help us dramatically reduce your long-term maintenance costs.



Our rebates team researches all available rebates and incentives, tailors the project to maximize funds wherever possible, and delivers a projected rebate and incentive total so these funds can be included in your financial analysis. Upon project approval, they manage the paperwork and approval process to secure the projected funds on your behalf.


Regional Contractor Management

We maintain a strong network of qualified partners to perform the system installation. With day-to-day supervision by our project managers and coordinators, we ensure efficient work, clear access, and daily progress reporting.



Our national procurement group keeps the project running smoothly by making sure all materials are vetted, ordered, and delivered on schedule. Our “product agnostic” approach and national footprint allow us to choose the best products for your specific application while capturing the most competitive pricing.


Regulations and Certifications

This team secures the required certificates, licenses and permits and stays current on all new legislation, codes and statutes affecting the project.


Safety Management

Our National Safety Manager carefully monitors safety compliance reporting and training throughout the country, as well as the safety performance of our subcontractor network.



Our investment analysis incorporates rebates and incentives, clearly indicating cost of ownership and cash flow implications of our energy-saving strategies. In addition, we can help our customers obtain financing through third-party lenders.




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As a leader in products, services and network-based advanced controls for both interior and exterior lighting upgrades, SLS offers a single point of contact from survey to installation.

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World-Class Project Execution

From audits and controls to rebates and systems design, SLS Energy Solutions offers value-added services to make your project successful.

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